We don’t expect people to contribute to a project and get nothing in return. Therefore the Seed Factory Project is following a dual development path.  The designs and technology we are developing are open-source and publicly shared.  Our R&D location and eventual production equipment (and their outputs), will be proportionally owned by the designers, builders, and contributors.  You can help decide what we build next, including something for yourself. We also encourage independent projects at other locations. They can make their own arrangements for how to operate, but we would like to stay in touch to exchange ideas, and possibly make things for each other.


If you want to be credited for your efforts, please get in touch ahead of time at [email protected] to make arrangements. At a minimum we need an email address to communicate and send project updates. Any additional contact information is optional and will not be shared outside the project. If you make anonymous contributions, such as helping edit the Seed Factories wikibook, or a financial contribution via bitcoin, without telling us where it came from, we will consider it a donation to the project.

We accept contributions to the project in the form of design work, services, physical labor, tools, materials, and money.


We currently accept the following methods for online contributions:

* PayPal – to “[email protected]

* Bitcoin – to 1Hfxy1j4uJknLzAKhjrNPXpCGmzPGX3PPQ