Our goal is to develop distributed automation that anyone can use, but the initial software and hardware design will take skills and funding.  We are following an open-source path, and invite individuals and local groups to get involved. Please contact us for more details.



The project can use help in all areas of engineering and technology. In engineering this especially includes automation and robotics, power systems, mining, chemical, and manufacturing.  In technology it especially includes networking and software that can handle constantly changing mixes of equipment, and augmented reality for planning, remote control, and hand-on procedures.  We can also use help in other areas besides these core technologies.



Building physical prototypes will take funding.  Individuals and groups can tackle such projects independently, or you can contribute to the project in general.  We plan to build a research and development location with workshops and space to build and test the designs.  Such a location is needed to integrate and test multiple pieces of equipment working together.



Self-expanding automation and Seed Factories are new ideas.  Most people have not heard of them and what their potential is.  Educating the public is a valuable and necessary task which anyone can do, even if they are unable to help in other ways.