An Introduction to the Seed Factory Project – This is a one page introduction explaining why the project exists, how it got started, and how we intend to work towards our goals.

Seed Factories Wikibook – This is the main document about the concept of Seed Factories, and self-expanding systems in general. It is a cross between a textbook and a design notebook for our projects and hardware. We are using Wikibooks as the host site because it makes it easy to collaborate and update, and is open source. Other data types, like spreadsheets, software code, and hardware design (CAD) files are not supported by Wikimedia, so those will be stored elsewhere. The book is only about halfway towards a complete draft and will never be “finished”, but PDF versions can be periodically exported to make it portable.

Project Reports – Besides news here on this website, we are summarizing our work each quarter to keep our project contributors updated on our progress.


Technical Library – In order to do good design work, we need accurate and up-to-date technical data to work from. Therefore we have organized a technical library for use within the project. Since it contains many copyrighted works, we cannot distribute the whole library freely. We intend to provide a catalog of what our library contains. This will let people know what sources we are using for our designs, and let them suggest updates. We also plan to set up a way for designers working on the project to access the library, if they don’t already have their own data sources. We recognize that in general there is a vast amount of information online, but the quality of much of it is questionable. We prefer to work from the best quality data sources, not just the easiest to find.

Project Designs – As we start to develop detailed designs for machines and software we intend to share them publicly. This will likely be in the form of downloadable files here on our website, or on collaboration sites like GitHub.